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A self portrait of the authorAbout This Site -Ideasinbeer.net

Welcome to my little piece of the Internet.

Ideasinbeer.net is a home to articles on my take of the craft beer movement. In addition, you will find a continually developing list of resources, links and ideas for homebrewing.

I apologize for the poor website design, but I hope that folks will stick around for the writing.

I’ve been involved in the craft beer world in various capacities for well over a decade, and this is my way of giving something back to the community. In addition to writing here I am also an active member of my local homebrewing club and am also a certified beer judge (rank pending).

ideasinbeer.netIf you would like to recommend a topic or informational item please feel free to contact the site owner at ideasinbeer(@)gmail.com  or on Twitter at @beerideas.





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