Back from Hiatus

So I finally got some help to get this website back on track after a hiatus that was far too long. It turns out I am more hopeless at creating sites than I thought.

At any rate, I received an offer to help get things up and running from a software savvy friend who searched out this site and noticed that it was broken. In a couple of hours he had things up and running, with several improvements made and future ones planned.

Unfortunately we did hit one snag though. He asked me what the site was supposed to be about and I answered him. I replied something to the effect “beer”. It quickly became obvious what a terrible answer that was. How could that be all there was to it?

In my head it all made perfect sense, but it sounded silly when stated. So what, I asked myself, should this site be about?

The reality is that I want to write about what interests me in the world of beer, from research to business, from home brewing to professional beer and brewing. Of course I am interested in beer culture as well as it’s history and even it’s science. Lastly I want to tackle the subject judging beer from the eyes of a trained beer judge.

Have I been overly ambitious? Perhaps. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Beerideas is a fortysomething father that enjoys well made beverages. He is a homebrewer, educator and child at heart.

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