Historic Ale Brewing

Many homebrewers devise names for their recreational brewing activities.

Many put a great deal of thought into these names, and the stories behind them are often quite meaningful, if not self explanatory.  Some take things a step further by adding things like colour schemes and logos.

For many, these little touches help legitimize the time and money put into their hobby.  In addition, these items allow the obsessed several other ways to show their creativity.  From branded glassware, to coasters and labels homebrewers often add personal touches that they can show off to friends and family.  Many use their brewery names for brewing competitions, bottle labels, tap handles and chalkboards.

Me, I am one of these hyper-obsessed individuals that tends to take things too far.  I too came up with a name for my obsession, and I also put together a label, colour scheme, logo and even signage.



Historic Ale Brewing


I got an aluminum sign printed out with the logo on it.  (The distressed look is intentional).   Welcome to Historic Ale Brewing’s first attempt at branding.

The name is simple yet fitting.  I am a student of history.  The history of brewing is certainly a long and storied one, and is a frequent topic of reading and research on my part.  Lastly, I enjoy brewing with historical techniques and ingredients and of course historically accurate brews are a part of my repertoire.


Clearly many don’t go to this sort of extreme, but for me it’s all part of the hobby.





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