Flavour training resources - ideasinbeer.netThe list of resources found below are complied by Beerideas that should be of interest to most Craft beer enthusiasts and homebrewers.

Please note that they are in no particular order and are by no means complete.

  • The Homebrewtalk website is home to a great forum with lots of accumulated information
  • The Brewing Network is a series of podcasts on beer and homebrewing.  I’m a big fan of Jamil Zainasheff and his science-based approach
  • Beersmith brewing software is my program and app of choice for recipe development
  • The American Homebrewers Association looks out for homebrewers
  • The Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) is the leading body for beer competitions and beer judging
  • Pitching rate calculator created by Jamil Zainasheff that is also available in App form
  • Untappd it the premier beer logging app for Craft beer tasters, also a functioning website



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