If you’re so good why don’t you enter your beer?

Half Pints Pro/Am

I love beer. I mean really love it. Beer is one of my favorite things in the world. Personally, I could talk about it constantly. In fact I quite often do.

Whether it’s the new beer on the shelves, or beer in the news, or even speaking with home brewers at my local home brew club, I just simply love to talk about beer. Unfortunately a topic that often comes up is the one of beer brewing competitions. Whenever serious home brewers (or fans of home brew) get together, there is often talk about contests and competitions. While I love the discussions, I often secretly loathe them because inevitably people want to know how I fair in completion with my beer. I often respond with the simple fact that I have never entered a large competition with one of my beer.

You see a long time ago I decided in my life that if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it well. This quest for constant perfection causes me all sorts of grief. From trying to find the best way to do simple tasks to seeking out the “best” of an event/experience/product I am constantly seeking the best or best ways to improve. This curse for the ultimate has kept me back from entering beer competitions. From my perspective, entering a competition is only worth entering if one believes that they have a good chance of winning. To me, that means winning the whole completion, not just a category. I know that this is odd thinking, and believe me it causes me grief. My wife, she the long suffering and ever patient love of my life, constantly begs, orders, and teases me to enter good example of my home brew into competition. Yet still I refuse.

I should clarify that this is not a fear of failure. I freely admit that I have made some terrible beer. I once shared a peppermint flavored beer with members of my home brew club. Who could have thought that a peppermint beer was a good idea? (for the record the beer had no real flaws, other than it tasted like peppermint.) The beer was received in the spirit it was intended, but it was served without fear of rejection. Another time I brewed a cream ale that was so harsh and astringent that it was dumped straight out of the primary fermenter.

So why the long post? Why else? I am coming out of my self exile to enter a beer or two into competition. Half Pints Brewery (in association with the Winnipeg Brew Bombers) is holding a Pro/Am beer completion shortly and I will be supporting the event. In addition to entering a brew, I have also volunteered to help judge beer and related tasks. If one is passionate about the product, the process and the players, I figure that it only makes sense to support the local community.

Deadline for competition entries is November 22. http://registration.winnipegbrewbombers.ca/


Beerideas is a fortysomething father that enjoys well made beverages. He is a homebrewer, educator and child at heart.

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