When it Rains, it Pours (Hard disk crash)- ideasinbeer.net

A hard disk crash has made life interesting as of late.

I haven’t been able to update or add much contact recently as technology decided that I was not worthy.

My cell phone, which I frequently write rough drafts on, was sent in for repairs and has had some problems getting back up to speed.

Bottle Caps

On top of that, my laptop had a hard disk crash.  At the time of the the crash I was in the middle of the several articles as well as a plethora of behinds the scenes changes.  Unfortunately much of it was lost due to my poor computing practices where I did not back up to a cloud service immediately.  (I had gotten lazy and was only backing things up weekly, and thus lost untold hours of work)

At any rate, things are slowly coming back online and I hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule shortly.



Beerideas is a fortysomething father that enjoys well made beverages. He is a homebrewer, educator and child at heart.

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