The English Make Malty Beers

The English Make Malty Beers with hops while the Americans make hoppy beers with a little malt.

I had a couple of interesting beer on the weekend. They both impressed me with their solid malt flavours.

13 Guns and Triple C both from Thwaites Crafty Dan microbrewery operation are both solid British beers with New World flavours.

Both samples were solid beverages that struck a great balance between malt and hops. My tasting partner and I were simply enamoured by both beers. They were flavourful but also quite easy to have several of without wearing out the ole taste buds.

Many craft American beer tend to exhibit what I consider to be the American Craft Beer Influence. Many of these beers tend to not only be hop forward, but indeed tend to use malt flavours as an afterthought.

The latest trend in craft beer, the “Session” beer is a continuation of this trend to some degree.

On the other hand, I do see a benefit to this trend in that we are starting to see beer with more modest amounts of alcohol. Anyone who has sampled several larger flavoured beers in a session can relate to the palate fatigue that comes from high alcohol and highly hopped beers.

I’m not quite sure where it is, but I certainly hope that someone can put out a portfolio of beers that can blend the best of both these worlds.

A truly malty beer with a reasonable amount of hops. Can’t you almost taste it?



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