Water in the desert

Living in a self acknowledged beer desert can certainly be difficult for the fan of good beer. However, with a little determination there are many ways to overcome some of the difficulties encountered.

I am frequently asked by friends and family alike how many beer I have sampled. I can honestly say that I don’t know, and couldn’t even narrow it down to within a hundred. My typical answer is that I have hundreds of samples, and that may not be entirely accurate as the number may be over a thousand by now. After they shake off the shocked looks and determine that I am serious, the topic often turns into “how did you try so many” and the answer is a long one.

To sample of variety of beer, one must first have the desire. To be fair and honest to my long suffering (yet oddly supportive) wife, I put a lot of time, effort and money into my love of beer. Along with that desire one needs a great deal of persistent determination to actively seek out beer whenever the opportunity presents itself. Please forgive the odd styling, but what follows would be my advice to the new beer fan based in Winnipeg that is aiming to “get into” good beer.

For the sake of brevity and style, I will continue in the next post.


Beerideas is a fortysomething father that enjoys well made beverages. He is a homebrewer, educator and child at heart.

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